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Plan the Best Spring Break Staycation

relaxing on a staycation

Spring Break time is upon us. If you are one of the lucky ones heading out for a family adventure to parts unknown, or a least warm and sunny, then we bid you safe travels and happy trails….

But, if you have decided to stick around town, welcome to the Staycation party!

Rules for a Staycation

It’s still a vacation, even if you aren’t going anywhere, so to try to give yourself a break. Think about eliminating some (or all) of the following things from your usually hectic schedule:

  • cooking
  • cleaning
  • cell phone
  • alarm clock
  • house work
  • WORK (of any kind)
  • Laundry
  • Worrying (good luck!)

Now you have your DON’T list, let’s look at fun things TO DO around town.

Have Fun on a Staycation

  1. Go to the movies. Well, duh! Of course this is our number one fun thing to do!geocaching box on staycation
  2. Geocaching. Who doesn’t like a good treasure hunt? Don’t know what it is? Learn about Geocaching and then get out your GPS and go to it!
  3. Laser Tag. Get some friends together or another family and battle it out in the laser tag arena. Zap Zone in Delta Center and Spare Time in Frandor are two local locations for laser tag.
  4. Board Game Night. Have each family member pick their favorite game and take turns playing them. Or invite some other staycationers over and have an ultimate board game night!
  5. Tour a brewery. Craft breweries are popping up everywhere and Grand Rapids is just a short drive away. Sample some great Michigan beers, and the kids can have Root Beer!
  6. Try a new restaurant. Check out that new restaurant you’ve been meaning to try. (This helps with the NO COOKING rule!)bikeriding on a staycation
  7. Get the bikes out. This is a great time to pull the bikes out of the garage and get them all ready for the riding season. Wash ’em, pump up the tires, grease the chain, and take off! Maybe there is an ice cream parlor at the end of your ride–you never know!
  8. Take a hike. Spring is full of exciting things happening in nature. Get outside and breathe the fresh air and bring a camera. Check out a new trail or area.
  9. Take a nap. This is our favorite one. Do all the stuff listed above and then treat yourself to a nice long nap. Come on, you know you want to.

Tell us about your Staycation

We want to hear about your plans for staying around the area this Spring Break. Please comment below. See you at the movies!

Special Needs Movie Showing

Energetic, Special Needs KidsHave you ever been to a movie where a kid is running around and being noisy? Have you ever sat in front of someone who is kicking your seat over and over again?

Were you just annoyed or did you think that maybe the child has autism or other special needs? Would this change how you react to the disturbance?

Maybe you are a parent of a kid who has done this, or you yourself have a condition that makes going to the movies a challenge. For families with special needs it can be difficult to find things to do as a family, especially in a public setting with restrictions on movement and noise.

Local Special Needs Movie

What if there was a local theatre that had a weekly showing of the current movie and it was designated just for people who don’t have to worry about disturbing those around them. You can go and completely be yourself.special needs showing

Everyone should experience the does genital herpes itch magic of going to a movie theatre. The smell of buttery popcorn, picking just the right seat, watching the action and drama, laughing,  watching the lights go down, and being drawn into another world, if only for a couple of hours.


The Sun Theatre in Grand Ledge has a Special Needs Movie for you and your loved ones. Every Monday at 10am you can watch the current movie being played that week and completely be yourself. Tickets are always ONLY $2 (cash only) at this wonderful, historic theatre.

Reservations for this movie are not required. If you have a group that requires any special accommodations, please call ahead (517-627-1500) to let us know what we can do to make your experience a great one!

We also rent the theatre out for special events, birthdays, and celebrations. You can find out more information by calling 517-627-1500.

For those people outside of the Lansing, Michigan area, AMC Theaters also offer a Special Needs movie (only in select theaters across the country, but not in Lansing.)